About Us

Income2Wealth provides a multitude of investment pathways to help you with your wealth creation journey.

CEO Paul Wilson has been working with investors since 2001 as a property investment advisor and buyers agent while also identifying capital investment opportunities for investors.

Through his own investment journey and as a result of growing investor demand for more modern investment opportunities, Paul established Income2Wealth to provide investors with a diverse range of profitable and innovative investment pathways.

Armchair Capital and Armchair Development enable you to invest capital at above market fixed returns from 8% – 20% per annum paid monthly within a financial services regulated environment using cash, unutilised equity or your SMSF.

We Find Houses continues to assist investors to research identify and secure both Residential and Commercial properties for investors wanting to grow their property portfolio.

We Find Finance ensures your finances are structured in a way to maximise your financial efficiency while optimising your power of leverage. We obtain the best rates, structure and terms that support your investment strategy.

Take the next step in your wealth creation journey – Book a complimentary appointment with Paul and his team and discover a range of profitable investment opportunities that are often sought after but rarely accessible to many investors.

Your Investment Team

Paul Wilson

Director – Income2Wealth & Founder of Armchair Capital

Paul’s in depth knowledge of investing, research and client management combined with ISG’s expertise in funds management ensures that there is a consistent volume of lucrative capital investment opportunities for investors. With nearly two decades of experience since founding The We Find Houses Group in 2001, Paul provides an extensive amount of industry knowledge and credibility while maintaining his strong passion for ensuring investors individual needs and circumstances are at the forefront of every investment decision.

Ben Godfrey

Director and Responsible Person for ISG Funds Management

ISG Securities was founded in 2014 by Ben Godfrey and Maree Hawcroft, and has since grown into ISG Funds Management a group with specialist expertise in investment management, fund creation and management.

Most fund managers are owned, or partly owned, by one of the big banks or financial institutions. ISG own and operate their own financial services license, totally independent from the banks and large institutions. ISG operates in highly lucrative fund niches that deliver win win solutions for investors, fund seekers and financial service professionals.

ISG’s investment strategies and fund structures can be applied to most sectors or subsectors of the economy and they pride themselves on being savvy, transparent, accountable and results driven managers of capital. They work diligently to understand our client’s needs to deliver the results they seek.

Mike Traynor

Director – Succession Management Partners

Mike is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand, Registered Company Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner.

With more than 30 years’ experience, Mike is considered a specialist in the identification, evaluation and management of risk. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, feasibility studies, the development of appropriate corporate structures and identification of key performance indicators.

Mike’s experience includes the preparation of business plans, finance applications, transaction negotiations, capital raisings as well as merger and acquisition activities.

Brian Keane

Director – Succession Management Partners

Brian is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand.

With 15 years’ successful commercial history advising and managing owner managed businesses, Brian has a particular interest in the use of technology in such enterprises to improve business processes and drive profitability through efficiency.

Brian’s expertise includes strategic planning, transaction negotiations and securing finance.

Under his management, Brian was able to more than double the monthly revenue of a steel fabrication company to $1.8 million per month in under six months.

Natalie McKay

Director – Succession Management Partners

Natalie is an experienced business professional with 20 years’ experience.

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand who also holds a legal degree, she has significant experience in valuations and transaction services on both the buy and sell side. She is an expert in the negotiation of transactions and in navigating the due diligence area.

Natalie is an experienced Director with a particular focus on the management of logistics and cash flow. She adds significant value to businesses with her expertise and her financial and commercial acumen.

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